Monday, July 30, 2012

Some days you have to wonder if President Obama even has a foreign policy

Our operations in Somalia--which even US government officials admit may be counterproductive in the long run--are the latest case in point.


kavips said...

He is awesome....

We finally have a proactive president...

Steven H. Newton said...

You have got to be kidding. We are in Somalia using drones to kill people in order to stamp out a regional Islamic menace that we made bigger by thumping around in Ethiopia?

This is pro-active idiocy.

anonone said...

What good is having a police state unless you can run your secret wars?

Anonymous said...

seen this?

NCSDad said...

Indonesia (?)
we, the shining city on the hill, are killing people in all these countries and probably more. Who knows what our anti-drug efforts are doing in central America?
And our President runs around with his secret list. He won't tell anyone who's on it, but if your name shows up, you're dead.
For you Dem progs who think that's OK, imagine President Jeb Bush with that power in four years.

delacrat said...


Obomba is "pro-active" like a warlord is "pro-active".

Since you feel that's "awesome".

Have a read of Glenn Greenwald's latest article.

He talking about you.

"Extremism Normalized: How Americans Now Acquiesce to Once Unthinkable Ideas"

Hube said...

Hey kavips: George W. Bush was "proactive" in Iraq. Remember?