Monday, July 23, 2012

Cape Gazette: Sussex Libertarians fill 2012 ballot

Sussex media outlets (WGMD and the Cape Gazette in particular) seem far more amenable to covering third parties than those further north.

Today is a great example with a major Cape Gazette story on our Libertarian Party of Delaware candidates there.

Some snippets (but read the whole thing):

David Eisenhour:
“We’re living in an area where more and more people notice the government is out of control,” he said. “We would allow people to regulate themselves.”
Margaret Melson:
“I am deeply concerned with the daily erosion of our freedoms, the trampling of the constitution and the slide into ever more restrictive and intrusive government,” Melson said.  “I can't sit back and complain about the sad state of affairs if I am not willing to put myself out there and at least try to make a difference.” 
Wendy Jones:
Jones also said she would work to lower the cost of healthcare and taxes on businesses.  “As a small business owner, it’s extremely difficult to operate now,” she said. 
Valerie Valeska:
Valeska said she would also push for criminal liability for police officers and elected officials.  Valeska said she and Jones recently had some guests staying in their Milton home.  One of the visitors was an eight-year-old boy, who was playing in Valeska’s front yard when, she said, he was accosted by a Milton police officer.
“The next thing I know, I’ve got a 6-foot tall police officer interrogating me in my kitchen,” Valeska said.  The officer did not knock or give her any notice before entering her house, she said.
When Valeska asked why police came to her home, she said they told her someone reported a drunk black male at the house.  “I’m thinking, ‘Do you not know the difference between a grown man and a child?’” she said. 
These and other Libertarian candidates will be appearing at a candidates' forum on Thursday, 2 August, at 6:30pm at American Legion Post 28 in Millsboro.

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anonone said...

Nice to see you back supporting Wendy "Pink Pistols" Jones who (you once pointed out) wrote:

"“polio” – can you be sure it’s just polio if it’s the State that mandates it? Should it perhaps be a better idea that educating on the pros & cons rather than sticking a needle willy-nilly into your child filled with whatever they decide to tell you is in it? What if, through viral gene replacement technology, for instance, thought patterns & personalities could (& even might be) changed to eliminate “undesirables”, for instance, & ensure a dull, compliant populace? Mandated by the State?"

Way to go, Steve. Just the type of ignorance we need making public policy.