Thursday, July 12, 2012

Campaign quick hits

1.  Kansas City News thinks trying to campaign as a third-party candidate is always a doomed strategy in a "two-party system," but at least--like jason330lbs--they are talking about it.

2.  On the other hand, the Examiner lays out exactly how Gary Johnson will transition from the campaign's first phase (getting ballot access) into its "debate phase" for achieving 15% in the polls.  It is as close to an official campaign statement of strategy you are likely to see.

3.  But none of that matters if polling agencies simply keep refusing to include his name.

Note:  watch this blog on Saturday and Sunday for some significant movement on that front.

4.  According to VICE, "the kids are all libertarians."  It is starting to look like the demise of the traditional conservative will be followed, generationally, by the rise of the Libertarians.

5.  Meanwhile, Democrat cheats in Illinois have stooped to the same tactics that Barack Obama used to win his first election--cheezy petition challenges to keep a Libertarian's name off the ballot.  Rather than compete in the world of ideas, Demopublicans increasingly use their institutional power to squelch debate.  Maybe it's cause they know that all Libertarians are part of a secret plot to eliminate civil rights for everybody else, huh?

6.  And, finally, guess what?  Most Americans agree with the Supreme Court that the individual mandate is a tax, and always was a tax even when President Obama was swearing (lying) up and down across the country that it wasn't.  Moreoer, as USA Today reports, this deception (and one more unfulfilled campaign promise) is costing him votes--especially with independents.

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