Tuesday, July 1, 2008

THE REAL OBAMA : Pandering to Religious Socialists

Barack Obama is so shaping up to be essentially the same ideological man the country foolishly-elected in 2000. If he isn't he certainly looks to be adopting George W. Bush's national religious socialistic tendencies hand-over-fist, but with even more grandiose visions to be fulfilled from on-high.

Barack wants to expand "faith-based" initiatives, using public funds to steer resources to churches and religious groups. One need not be troubled by Obama's decades-long personal religious ties to an inflammatory wingnut to be severely troubled by this latest from the Democratic party left's would-be messiah.

Amazingly, he dares disguise this government expansion as some hybrid form of uber-government, a massive combine of religious groups endowed with government largesse.

""The challenges we face today ... are simply too big for government to solve alone," Obama said.

(Personally I would have said "Government is simply too big for any of us to solve the challenges we face today".)

No offense, but the only thing scarier to me than a religion-peddling big government Republican is a religion-peddling big Government Democrat. No progressive in their right mind would be anything but outraged by what Barack Obama is rapidly evolving into.

I have a feeling the secular "faith-based government" lefties (with whom I agree about the secular part, but not the faith in government part) will (or should) be regularly beating themselves about the head-and-shoulders as Barack Obama reveals who he really is (or really isn't) in the months ahead.

As their erstwhile messiah shows himself willing and eager to blur the lines between church and state, his secular left deliverers may begin to realize what some of us saw long ago in the cultish quasi-religion that became of his campaign.

Turns out it wasn't quasi-religion but more like old-time religion...good old fashioned mind control bait-and-switch kind of stuff.

I am confident the hardest core Obamabots will spin it thusly (as with all other precedent revelations of Obama's dismal true colors) :

"Oh but Barack is different. [*coooooh*].
He is a new and improved kind of religious national socialist. He won't bring us the evil religious national socialism of George W. Bush."

Personally, I'll take a complete pass on religious national socialism, and any phony pandering snake oil huckster peddling it, whether from Texas or Chicago.

Obama said, "In time, I came to see faith as being both a personal commitment to Christ and a commitment to my community; that while I could sit in church and pray all I want, I wouldn't be fulfilling God's will unless I went out and did the Lord's work."

(Excuse me.....BLECHHHHHHH.)

One must wonder if God speaks directly to Barack, like to his soul brother George W., and if Barack believes his election will fulfill God's will.

Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

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Brian Miller said...

I spent a bit of time telling Obama-supporting friends of mine that he'd break their hearts. But even I didn't expect it to happen less than a month after he clinched his party's nomination!