Sunday, January 4, 2009

Massachusetts: where (police) apathy is the best policy...

... as a result of decriminalizing marijuana, which has--as Drug War Rant reports--caused the police to just ... give up:

Massachusetts officially decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana yesterday, but many police departments across the state were essentially ignoring the voter-passed law, saying they would not even bother to ticket people they see smoking marijuana.

While I don't like the idea of depending on the cops not to change their minds, it's important to remember if they do that the American Revolution didn't kick off until the British ended their policy of salutary neglect.

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Early Ehlinger said...

Yes, an end to the stupid prohibition laws in this country would be a welcome return to Liberty. But I doubt the police deciding to enforce the laws wrt marijuana will result in revolution. After all, stoners are generally very complacent folks. More likely to just passively-aggressively continue smoking pot than to get out their guns.