Friday, January 2, 2009

This has absolutely nothing to do with world peace or indvidual liberty, but...

... I need to tell you that the film Barnyard and the spin-off series Back to the Barnyard weirds me out.

The main character is Otis, the boy cow?

Oddly enough, Wikipedia asserts that Otis is not alone among bovine creatures in cartoons with big swinging udders:

In the real world a male bovine is called a bull or a steer and does not have an udder. However, in this film several characters are "male cows" with an udder, while there is a character who is a bull. The director of the movie told Nick Magazine he did this for fun.[2] This is, however, not the first time cattle have been portrayed in this way. In the United Kingdom, Boddingtons Bitter featured an animated "male cow" in some of its 1990s advertising, and recent computer animated adverts for Anchor butter portray two "male cows" as having udders. Also, the Dairylea adverts in the UK have male cows with udders. A more recent advert portrays that they really are male because they all have male voices.

My five-year-old grandson thinks its great.

Me? I haven't been so confused since I found out Tinky Winky was on the make.

This, by the way, is the difference between a solid, macho libertarian-leaning blog like The Colossus of Rhodey (wherein you will find Hube writing posts on the best and worst Iron Man armor of all time) and a left-libertarian blog written primarily by a guy who just finished watching an unsatisfying Stargate Atlantis next-to-last-episode, and who is at least momentarily tired of writing about serious shit.

We'll get back to things like just wars and proportional response tomorrow.

In the meantime: Otis?

PS for Hube: I'm not happy that the very first gold-painted armor in the original shellhead design didn't make the list, particularly for the big Iron Man v Iron Man fight with Tony Stark back in the old armor to take on the android who'd usurped his place [Iron Man #18]. I was not a big George Tuska fan, especially when Johnny Craig was doing the pretty bland inking, but this one struck my fancy--especially the scene where the golden shellhead grabs the red-and-gold android by the feet out of mid-air and slams him to the ground.

Can't find that image, but here's the cover:


Hube said...

Disappointed that it didn't make the "Best" or "Worst" list, Steve? ;-)

But hey, I get your point -- that armor is how Iron Man got his famous nickname "The Golden Avenger" after all, right?

Steven H. Newton said...

Best list; I made my comment on the worst list because your comments on the other one wouldn't let me in right then.

I never actually liked the early red and gold armor because Don Heck was such a mediocre artist. When Gene Colan (either under his own name or as Adam Austin) took over, I was a lot happier with it.

Hube said...

I actually LOVE George Tuska's art, BTW. His portrayal of "average" folks was borderline cartoony; however, his Shellhead was tough-looking and muscular.

I actually got to speak w/George's wife in the 1990s when I was trying to set up an interview w/him. George couldn't talk on the phone b/c his hearing was (is) virtually nil (he was in his early 80s). As far as I know he is still alive and kicking (Wikipedia says he's 92 yrs. old).

Hube said...

Oh, I forgot to mention regarding my Mrs. Tuska story: When I mentioned who I was and what I wanted to do, she sighed out loud "Ohhh! George LOVES Iron Man! It's always been his favorite!"

That was cool! ;-)