Friday, August 14, 2009

ABC News: official sources contradict Kessler book on rising death threats

The usual suspects predictably jumped all over the claim that the Secret Service is recording thirty death threats against President Obama every day, as reported in Ron Kessler's new book.

I have already noted that the Secret Service objected strongly to many of Mr Kessler's claims:

The Secret Service says Kessler's allegations aren't true. "The Secret Service assisted Mr. Kessler as we would any author writing a book about the agency," the denial states. "We provided briefings, on the record interviews and accurate responses to his numerous questions. However, Mr. Kessler chose to base his criticisms of the agency on unnamed sources whose motives, knowledge and experience level remains unknown.

Now, in the final paragraph of a story on rising fears for President Obama's safety, ABC News again finds that the official answer does not match Kessler's claims:

While officials told ABC News that the President's daily threat matrix has yet to reflect a sharp increase in threats, White House officials privately admit deep concern and have told the Secret Service to keep security tight, even if Obama objects.

Unfortunately, this has not stopped Mr Kessler's assertions from going viral and becoming the accepted narrative.

Yes, Mr Kessler is a popular author who has a bestseller on his hands. But the fact that a lot of people buy your books [or even visit your website] doesn't make what you say accurate--or, if it does, some folks have got a lot of re-thinking to do.

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