Friday, August 14, 2009

If you weren't watching closely, you could miss the WNJ's shot....

... at Delawareliberal in today's paper.

Discussing the rumors about New Castle County Exec Chris Coons' potential appointment to a position in the Obama administration, the story says this of the blog that refers to itself as Ground Zero for all things political in Delaware:

Coons said Thursday the gossip is completely, utterly, totally false.

"I was just dumbfounded," he said about being invited by radio host Allan Loudell to address the idle chatter on the air. "My concern is that if a benign story like this can begin with a groundless, sourceless rumor and run all day, what's that say about the age-old requirement that a news story have a reliable source?"

Apparently, there is no reliable source on this one. Coons said he has no idea who is at "ground zero." The blog, Delaware Liberal, which prides itself on its anonymity, offers no clue, either.

That would be three hits, actually:

1) The accusation that DL ran a groundless, sourceless rumor all day. [is the comment about no reliable source a comment about the anonymous tip that started this all or DL?]

2) Coons said he has no idea who is at 'ground zero," which could refer to either the blog or the story, but does indicate he has more than a passing familiarity with the blog.

3) The WNJ comment that Delawareliberal prides itself on its anonymity is an obvious reference to recent flaps over the potential outing of bloggers [most of whose identities are already well known, anyway].

The good news for the blogosphere is that the largest homegrown blog in Delaware is making the news in the MSM.

The other news is that it is making the news for rampant speculation on unsourced rumors by anonymous posters. This is, in large measure, what the blogosphere is and does, but it leaves me with a question:

Since they are anonymous [at least officially], how do we really know they are natural-born American citizens, and therefore eligible to be political bloggers?

DL's jason has--perhaps unsurprisingly--risen to the challenge by doubling down on the story:

So the News Journal has signed up to play along with someone’s plan to get people talking about Chris Coon’s political future. But who gains from this? Who wants you to be thinking about Coons?

Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

That whole frickin blog is groundless sourceless manure. It is funny to watch the credibility they think they have sliced away bit by bit with every day they still exist. Ground zero? Nah. Just zero.

Perry said...

Sounds like anonymous is Hube!

Anonymous said...

"The WNJ comment that Delawareliberal prides itself on its anonymity"

That is the whole problem with that blog in a nut shell. They make ridiculous claims and accusations, as well as hateful comments, with little fear of the repercussions. They pride themselves on anonymity because it allows them to continue to spew their hateful venom under the cloak of anonymity.

I can assure you that many of the “brave” and “courageous” comments and posts found on that blog would never had been posted if they had their real names attached to them.

Hube said...

Sorry, Perry, but I always use "Hube" when I comment. Unlike you, who is known to use an anonymous every now and then. Or did you forget -- like you forget that you post the same thing over and over and over at every blog you click?

And, as IF I am the only one who feels as that anon does about DL. And have you ever spoken out about their language/innuendo/false claims, Perry? Of course you haven't. Your only comments there are supportive of what they write. This is why you are -- and remain -- a pathetic hypocrite of the highest order.

Nancy Willing said...

Shite the bed. How did I miss this post the first time around?????