Saturday, August 15, 2009

The interesting things you find at

... include an examination of William Kostic's web footprints [in and of itself kind of a scarey exercise].

Salon's Joan Walsh looks at everything written by, or even possibly just attributed to, the open-carrying protester outside President Obama's town meeting in New Hampshire. Gee, surprisingly, he's pretty far to the right--and equally unsurprisingly she jumps through all sorts of hoops to try to make him look as nutty as possible.

Take this one:

And on his MySpace page (h/t Lavender Newswire), Kostric also lists as one of his heroes Robert Schultz, the anti-tax activist and We the People founder who spent a ton of his own money on ads promoting the Birther movement. At a press conference in December, Schultz told reporters: "This nation is headed towards a vortex of a Constitutional crisis. While on the one hand, the Obama citizenship issue is so simple a schoolchild could grasp it, if left festering and unanswered, it possesses the potential to send our nation into a time of great peril."

Yes, Robert Schultz is on the page, down at the bottom, in the user profile area that most people write the first day they go on facebook and never change. There is nothing on Kostic's page or in anything else that Walsh turns up suggesting he is a Birther. Kostic himself denied this to Chris Wallace, twice. Yet Walsh manages to link Kostic in her own mind to the Birthers.

What's more important, however, is that Kostic [or whomever is writing all the posts Walsh cites] never says anything violent or threatening. In fact, Walsh is forced to conclude

There's no overt reason to conclude from his Web presence that Kostric is violent....

Again: interesting. Unlike some local friends who examined nothing more than Kostic's photo and the Chris Mattews interview, and who take open carry to be a de facto violent, threatening act despite its legality in the situation, the writer for Salon cannot limn William Kostic as a violent person no matter how hard she tries.


Delaware Watch said...

How does the link you provided to my post about a MARYLAND man carrying a sign that explicitly says "Death to Obama" have anything to do w/ the Salon article about Kostic?

How strange.

My Opinion said...

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libertarians should do their best to stay united, hopefully, for our own party.

Steve Newton said...

Sorry--I intended to link to your Kostic post. I am traveling and will fix that tonight.