Thursday, August 13, 2009

If you wonder why I am confused when Demopublicans claim to belong to two different political parties....

... try this.

Here's what the GOP is saying today about President Obama's plan to cull $200 Billion in savings through greater efficiencies in Medicare over the next decade:


Meanwhile, some Republicans are attacking the very notion of reining in out-of-control Medicare spending, charging that efforts to force hospitals and other providers to become more efficient would lead to "fewer choices and lower health-care quality for our nation's seniors," as House Republican Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) put it this week in a GOP alert.

And here's what happened in 1996:


Bill Clinton practically based his re-election campaign in 1996 on attacks against the Republican congressional majority for its plans to cut the rate of growth of Medicare. Note that no actual cut was proposed, only a cut in the rate of growth....

Clinton — employing what became known as "Mediscare” — blistered Gingrich and the Republicans. The AARP joined in the fun. The media mostly ignored the fact that Clinton was for the cuts before he was against them.

In some of the most shameless fear-mongering ever seen in Washington, Clinton drubbed the GOP for its plan to save $270 billion over seven years by holding Medicare growth to 6 percent instead of the projected 10 percent. The AARP called on Congress to stop politicizing Medicare.

You can play this game with so many issues today. It's not libertarians trying to find equivalency in the Dems and GOP, its the freedom to note that the two big-government parties are really more interested in scoring points than actually engaging in political discourse.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Wait till the so called progressives read the Huffington Post today confirming Obama made a deal with Big Pharma. This corporate whore did exactly what Cheney did with the energy policy. Its time for a big tent 3rd party, based on common goal issues all the people support. Dump both parties into the first dumpster we can find.