Friday, August 28, 2009

Better late than never, I suppose: Daily Kos discovers that at least one JAG officer has been a hero at Gitmo

Today a Kos diaryist discovers the story of Lieutenant Colonel Darrel Vandeveld, who resigned his commission rather than continue an unjust prosecution, and then says of the attacks Vandeveld has faced from the government since:

Vandeveld, once lead prosecutor in seven military commissions cases, bravely resigned in protest and has endured a smear campaign courtesy of the Office of Military Commissions. It's not hard to understand why more whistleblowers aren't coming forward to bring to light inappropriate behavior in the flawed military commissions system.

The problem? Our Kos diaryist has not been paying attention, or she would have known about other such unsung heroes as

Rear Admiral Jane Dalton

Colonel Morris Davis

Major David J. R. Frakt

Colonel Stephen Henley

All of which were covered here in detail ... four months ago.

Some of the people who missed this story are the same folks who keep asking me where Libertarians were when Dubya shredded the US Constitution.

The answer: pointing it out, just like we have been doing during the Obama administration to a great reception of silence from the ranks of his supporters, who act like they are geniuses when they finally figure things out.

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