Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now a few words from the CIA (real words; actor interpretations)

Yes, American citizens can differ on this issue. But I will not equivocate on my own position: the practices described in this video exceed the acceptable interrogation tactics of a civilized nation, and whether or not they may have been effective in some instances does not justify them.


Anonymous said...

There is no document at the CIA that claims even one tortured at any of the black sites actually stopped terrorism. Cheney continues to make the claim, but neither the CIA Inspector General, the Red Cross, of Carl Levins report could find even ONE time where the tortured gave up any information. One high level target was yapping his ass off, but when the goons squad came and started torturing him, he clammed up. Right Dick Head you stopped terrorism. YOU dick head created terrorism. We know from Jane Mayers book, and from Mike Isikoff that the guvment delivered millions to Afganis and Iraqis who would point to someone involved in terrorism. One war lord whose wife and child died in childbirth turned in the Obstetrican. The guy was tortured for years and finally was let go when Obama took office. Another 80 year quadriplegic chained to the floor was picked because he was "sitting" near where a bomb went off. These neo con, christian crusader ignored the rule of law, hired Pinochet goons to do their dirty work. The only bunch coming out of this with any credibility is the FBI, who refused to engage in torture, because "they" knew it was unlawful.

Hube said...

That's fine that you won't equivocate, Steve; however, it still doesn't persuade me given your past (IMO) rationalizations for much more horrific acts like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.