Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comment Rescue: Impotent but annoying sleazeball threatens Delaware bloggers at their workplaces

In case you missed it, this is the comment that Macho Camacho left in the thread on CRI and Sussex Correctional. Pay particular attention to the segment in bold:

Thanks for the love. I only wish you had shown such affection for donviti and the other scrotem totems.

Focus your hatred. I have. I'm getting ready to mail a box of my own shit to one of the DLs at work! I already sent Jason a Christmas card that I rubbed all over my balls. I figure it's time for the next step.

Happy New Year fatboy! ;o)

I am assuming here [not safe: rationality is not Macho's strong suit]] that "DL" means Delawareliberals.

I find it difficult at this point, absent other information and looking at the timing of Mucho Impotento's appearance, to conclude that he has any other agenda than to silence anyone who is critical of the Caesar Rodney Institute. His appearances coincide far too closely with the publication of material critical of CRI both here and elsewhere to suggest any other potential solution.

So, publicly as promised: Delawaredem you were apparently correct and I was apparently wrong. There does seem to be a concerted effort by one or more individuals to launch flagrant attacks on the personal lives of anybody who takes issue with CRI.

And it will have about the same impact here as elsewhere.

In the same thread, by the way, Dave Burris said,

And Macho, you need to disappear. You're not helping, and you're creating sympathy for people who don't deserve it.

I am not sure whether to read that as Dave doesn't know or suspect who Macho really is, or that Macho is exceeding what CRI supporters would like to see done to their opponents. I hope it is the former. But Macho's return and escalation into threats to carry a blogging feud to somebody's workplace do suggest that he's not listening even to Dave Burris.

I have brought you this comment from Macho to make this point: if anybody thinks this is going to stop criticism of anybody over any issue, they're sadly mistaken.

And if the backers of CRI don't want to appear at least partly responsible for what could actually turn into actionable harassment at someone's place of employment [a box of human excrement delivered would seem actionable], then Dave and Garrett and Lee and all the folks over there better see if they can do some detective work and call off this particularly annoying clown.

Yeah, Dave, I know: I should get over myself.

And for A1: probably not the response you would have chosen, but I need to deal with this in my own way.


Unstable Isotope said...

Wow, that is one crazy guy.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your inclination to err on the side of free and unfettered commentary, but you did write back in April:

"because it has always been my policy to delete comments only for spam, outing, and actual threats."

You have 2 out of 3 going on here. Allowing "Mucho Impotento's" comments and links to remain is furthering his agenda. (Great name parody, btw.)

I hope that Dave is very proud of what he has unleashed.


Hube said...

Oh please, A1. Burris no more responsible for him than you DLers are responsible for "influencing" others.

Now go back and consort with those who wish death upon those who disagree w/them.

downwithabsolutes said...

Steve gives and inch and A1 wants to take a mile. How shocking.

Anonymous said...

Horse hockey, Hube.

This started when Dave "outed" kavips. The evidence is all there for anyone to see.

Anonymous said...

Your stalking me, DWA. You still love me, doncha?


downwithabsolutes said...

You know it!

Delaware Dem said...

If Mucho Cowardo dares to engage in such activity, it will only have the opposite affect. I may be fired from my job, but that will only mean I will have MORE time to expose CRI and anyone and everyone connected to it.

Dave Burris and Charlie Copeland, if you both think this fool is only hurting your cause, then it is in your best interest to take immediate action to denounce and stop him, especially if he is someone connected to you. If you have no control over him, then all you can do is denounce his comments and actions, and I accept that.

But if he is someone acting at your behest (and his identity will eventually be discovered, especially if he engages in the type of activity he says he will engage in), then all bets are off.

I will not be intimidated. None of my colleagues at Delaware Liberal will be intimidated. And I think it is safe to assume that you, Steve, will not be intimidated. If those behind CRI cannot stand the criticism and debate of their actions, opinions, work and funding, and their only recourse is this naked threat of intimidation meant to silence that debate and criticism, they prove our point.

Dave said...

1) I've denounced him already on more than one occasion, and that was before I saw comments like the ones on the other thread.

2) If I knew who he was, I'd out him too. That's the epitome of what I was talking about with kavips: personal attacks.

3) Charlie Copeland has nothing to do with CRI, and neither do I at this point. And to think that CRI cares one whit about DL or kavips or Steve is an enormous leap. I defended my good friend Garrett against vicious personal attacks, and I'll happily do it again. I recommend that you do the same with MC. But I'm not going to do it for you. Not because his actions aren't objectionable, but because you're not my friend.

4) I did not create MC. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Hube said...

This started when Dave "outed" kavips. The evidence is all there for anyone to see.

Bull. If you make that connection, then I could claim that DelDem is partially responsible for someone who attacks a conservative (physically, that is). Oh gosh -- does that sound silly? Now go and re-read what you claimed.

Burris is right.

Steve Newton said...

Mucho Impotento has not outed anyone on my blog; at least not yet.

Mucho Impotento has made, in this instance, a public threat against individuals from another blog; the need to insure that they are aware of this threat and have access to the record of this threat having been made should MI follow through in my judgment outweighs the need to cover MI's tracks for him by deleting it. You may disagree, but it's my call.

I have another reason for not erasing these comments, at least not yet, but to share that with you here would also be to share them with Mucho Impotento, and so you will have to wait.

Delaware Dem said...

My disagreement with your comments and analogy regarding Kavips notwithstanding, and like I said, I will accept for the time being your comments regarding MC.

I and all of my colleagues will not be outting MC for his personal attacks. We can take and have taken personal attacks from the likes of MC and from you often. But I will take retribution if he follows through on his latest threat

Delaware Dem said...

I also support Steve Newton in not deleting these comments. It is his blog, first and foremost. But also deleting them erases the record and gives MC a clear slate.

I have to deal with unwise and horrible comments I have made in the past, and so should MC.

Macho Camacho said...

Boy, you guys get all up in arms when someone pushes back against the crap you have spewed for the last few years. It sucks being the target of someone's unbridled hate, don't it?

Please spare me the victimized drama queen spiel. You sound like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack--"Ooooh, my'!"

That only makes me want to microwave my poo before making you eat it. I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint if you don't mind!!!

downwithabsolutes said...

"I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint if you don't mind!!!"

You might wanna reduce your web footprint, too, if you're gonna keep spewing that bullshit under the veil of anonymity.

Delaware Dem said...

LOL. MC, you project well. We don't hate you. WeI don't hate the CRI, or anyone involved with them.

We criticize them. We question their honesty, their work, and their funding. That is not hate.

You just admitted you hate us for that. You have "unbridled hate" towards us, perhaps for our other political opinions that you disagree with.

It is you who is the drama queen here. You can't handle the debate, and you don't have a response other than to strike out angrily and perhaps illegally.

Macho Camacho said...

I love a good debate!

Let me know when you schedule one.

Anonymous said...

I have avoided going to the CRI website until today. The reason I know they are a republican think tank is their take on the health care issue. If you are bipartisan, good government group, you would present both sides of an issue with as much information as you can muster so citizens can be informed.

I am not sure how Colin Bonini fits into all this. While very true Lee Williams has been a consistent, vigilant reporter on the horror within Delaware's Dungeons, I applaud that reporting. The Stooge Journal certainly is not exposing it.

I can only hope that every legislator tied in, making bucks on keeping the prison status quo, plus all their private "contracts" get exposed.

Tyler Nixon said...

Macho reminds me an awful lot of that anonymous scalawag from DWA "miscreant", on a mean-ass bender.

pandora said...

I respectfully disagree, Tyler. This isn't miscreant's style.

suzanne said...

"I will not be intimidated. None of my colleagues at Delaware Liberal will be intimidated. And I think it is safe to assume that you, Steve, will not be intimidated."

I agree with you - MC can't intimidate me either. People know our names and who we are - many of us have even met in person - so the only thing that MC's posts show me is that he/she is a coward, lacks any kind of backbone, and is obsessed with bodily waste. Sounds like pretty much any of the anonymous commenters that pop in from time to time and try to make themselves bigger then they are.

Tyler Nixon said...

I've never known you to disrespectfully disagree, pandora. It's why we love you 'round here!

Anonymous said...

Well, fuck you very much, Tyler. Should I ever decide to go on a "mean-ass bender", I wouldn't limit it to the lame-ass exposure of the names of some irrelevant asshats.

And ... thanks Pandora.

Anonymous said...

s I should have signed that.

And fuck you again, Nixon.

pandora said...

Now that's the Miscreant we know and love! Sorta ;-)

Tyler Nixon said...

LOL. Thanks, mis. I miss hearing from you.

But don't you think your "fuck you very much" kind of defeats your protestation and validates my conjecture?

Since we know nothing about you except your comments (and maybe a few bits of non-identifying personal trivia), all we have is tone and rhetoric.

I never said I thought you were Camacho, just that it sounds like you in these comments.

Anyway, whatever. Glad it's not you.

Tyler Nixon said...

Thanks for the double "fuck you".

Methinks thou doth protest too much. I mean , gee willikers, how ever could I suggested such an egregious misidentification???

I mean you're soooooo nothing like Macho Camacho.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, whatever. Glad it's not you."

Cool, you're back on my *Christmas card* list, and you don't have to worry about me rubbing it on my balls.