Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ACLU vs Al Qaeda: This is the most dangerous organization in America

Quoth David Anderson at Delaware Politics:

The ACLU has done more damage to America than any other organization. It has distorted the liberty protections of the Constitution into chains of oppression whenever it is allowed to go unchecked.

I looked into it, and by God he's right. Look at what that commie bastard scum group has been up to lately:

ACLU files brief on behalf of Fox News against FCC fining the network for fleeting expletives in live broadcasts.

ACLU goes to court to keep Yup'ik-speaking American citizens in Alaska from being disenfranchised by the State government in violation of the Voting Rights Act.

ACLU challenges repressive law in Annapolis MD that gives the government the power to say who you may and may not have as a guest in your own home.

ACLU advocates for disabled public school students who, research shows, suffer corporal punishment at a far greater rate than non-disabled students.

ACLU leads the fight to give States, not the Drug Enforcement Administration, the power to make decisions on the use of medica marijuana.

ACLU argues that Congress should end the sentence of life without possibility of parole for children.

Oppression all around.

Thanks for keeping us safe from the Constitution, David.

Oh: and just in case you forgot, David: the ACLU cannot legislate nor hand down judicial decisions. They actually have to work within the existing system and convince other people--judges and legislators--to make the changes they propose.

Again: too much nuance on my part for either wing of the Demopublican Party.


Ed Heath said...

Demopublican Party....I like Republicrat better!

townie 76 said...

Steve do you think David Anderson has ever read the Constitution? If he had he would know the ACLU is exactly what you stated, an advocate for those without a voice and for whom society has contempt.