Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reagan on Socialized Medicine

In this clip From 1961 Ronald Reagan makes the same enduring case that will be with us, as pertinent and powerful as ever, so long as there are those who will never rest from marching us all to whatever their latest emotion-driven "vision" is to justify their national-statist collectivism.

Damn if Reagan wasn't the most libertarian-thinking person to hold the presidency in modern times, as his remarks clearly reveal. If only he could have governed with as much effect as his succinct, crisp words, imparted on the eve of the "Great Society".

Unfortunately, by the time Reagan got to Washington the Democrat national uber-state had already "progressed" 20 more years. Since then, especially in the last decade with Republicans piling on under George W. Bush, it has only become far far worse.

Now Obama is on the scene to finish the job burying even the pretenses of a constitutional government by federal republic.

Reagan's remarks are worth the listen.

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