Thursday, August 20, 2009

Delawaredem back in at Delawareliberal-jason out?

Delawaredem, after quitting yesterday, now has a new post up at Delawareliberal.

There is no other comment on the blog regarding yesterday's firings, quittings, and general disagreement.

Meanwhile, in my comments section on the previous post, this monring I have received this anonymous comment from someone claiming to be jason [and it does sound like him, but I am waiting for confirmation]:

For the record, I am no longer with DelawareLiberal. Some team members and I had significant differences about the blog's direction and I decided that it was probably time for me to move on.

It is a great blog and they are great bloggers and great friends who will continue to have a real impact in Delaware for a long time.

Today there is even less legitimate "4th estate" media in Delaware than when I started commenting on blogs eight years ago. So blogs like this one and DelawareLiberal are more imporant than ever.


donviti's account still appears to be gone.

Pretending nothing happened is not going to be an effective strategy, guys.


RSmitty Really Hates Thursdays When The DE Blogosphere Is Shredding Apart said...

WTF. If he did quit, I certainly hope it was his own doing and not a force-out. He owns the damn thing. Contrast to Burris who happily walked off totally on his own accord (as did I, but I didn't own it, like Burris did or Jason did/does).

Damn it, I knew my selfish act of leaving would cause them to unravel. They couldn't take the absence of my counter-balance. ;-)

Yeah, right!

RSmitty Really Hates Thursdays When The DE Blogosphere Is Shredding Apart said...

Well, I attempted to comment on it and managed to get sucked up into spam. I can only wonder how their spam filter is currently set up to catch! Anywho, DDem responded that my comment will remain in spam until this evening, after a post on the subject is released.

I'll try to be open minded.

Of course, if this is all orchestrated, then I don't know if I'll enjoy it or be pissed for wating my time with it.

Tyler Nixon said...

I dunno, I believe this about as much as I believed Jason's last seven resignations from blogging or that DelDem really believes my party affiliation has earned me a ciggy and blindfold or that these blogospheric personality melodramas amount to roughly a hoot in hell.

Jason - you're always welcome here, to the extent you can embrace liberty against the creeping utopian collectivism and partisan bomb-throwing of your former blog. Come to the light!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting out the welcome mat. How about we compromise and I only comment to endorse creepy utopian collectivism and parisian bon bon-throwing?


Tyler Nixon said...

LOL, Jason!

But you can't seriously be leaving the scene.

I have no doubt Steve would be as glad as me to have you do guest opposing view posts anytime you like, and I mean that seriously.

We need to all get together at a Drinking Libertarianly and sort all this nonsense out.

downwithabsolutes said...

I blame myself for starting this trend.

Seriously, though, I would be interested in reading a juicy tell-all describing the sordid behind-the-scenes goings-on at DL that precipitated this drama fest.

Jason, I'm sure your buddies here at DelLibertarian would enjoy a guest post on the topic!!!