Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fascinating, says Mr. Spock. There really is intelligent life somewhere in the mainstream media....

.... and it has finally [at least at WaPo] managed to figure out that President Barack Obama continues to receive advice on foreign policy and economics from many of the same people who advised President George W. Bush, and continues to advance many of the former President's policies in minimally modified forms.

And the piece ends with an observation being made here for several months:

All this leaves Obama in an uncomfortable position, drawing fire from conservatives while making his liberal friends nervous. It is a clear example of the difference between campaigning for president and actually being president.

Ah, Demopublicans, what would we do without them?

Oh. Yeah. We'd enjoy the potential of real political change in America.

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Miko said...

From a position of wanting to win elections without being held down by actually having any principles, Obama's strategy is actually a pretty good one: he's straying so far right that a conservative couldn't really critique him on rational grounds, thereby forcing them off into utter-insanity (while still giving the left enough lip service that they aren't really complaining).