Monday, August 17, 2009

Dyron Hart is neither the poster child for liberal anger nor the justification for anybody else's violence--he's just a nutcase

Yes, I realize that the guilty plea of an African-American man who sent out death threats to other African-Americans in November 2008 based on Barack Obama's election, while pretending to be a white supremacist is tempting bait for a false see, I told you so moment.

Let's not go there.

He's a nutcase, plain and simple.


Delaware Watch said...

Oh, please do go there and tell us what your "I told you so" is all about. You might as well since the very existence of your post is to say "I told you so"--your denial that you are doing so notwithstanding.

Delaware Watch said...

And while you are at it, please tell us how this fraud is the "poster child for liberal anger." I need an explanation just to stop laughing.

Steve Newton said...

You are either reading waaaay too much in, or I should have said something better. I have seen at least two dozen of the types of posts to which I am referring posted this morning, including some in our region. I was suggesting it was stupid to go there. That was really all there was to it.

Sometimes a cigar is just ... a cigar.

Hube said...

Hopefully you're not referring to my own post (were you?) which was totally in jest. If you were, then YOU were reading way too much into MINE.

Steve Newton said...

No Hube I was not referring to you. [But given Dana's reaction both you and I should probably have been more clear.]