Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Technical Question: Anybody noticed anything funny about Technorati ratings?

Just curious, because this is what I see on a daily basis.

In the mornings, when I first log onto this site I generally see a Technorati rating of 57.

But in the afternoon or evening when I drop by, the Technorati rating has mysteriously dropped to 40.

If it happened once, it would be theoretically possible. Back when we were all arguing about a bunch of militia and DHS report stuff, I picked up a lot of links to some of those stories which, if the linking sites never found anything else they liked, would have all evaporated at about the same time.

But for the past two weeks I have been noticing this fluctuation every single day.

To drive me even crazier, Alexa insists that there are 68 blogs linking to this site.

Anybody know why this is happening?


Hube said...

A few months ago we were sitting at around 115. Now we're below 50. They must've "recalibrated" or something, similar to what did to their reviewer ratings. Admittedly, all the blogs linking to one another helped out our #s ... but if it's happening to other blogs, I've no idea.

tom said...

"To drive me even crazier, Alexa insists that there are 68 blogs linking to this site."

Google shows about 812 pages linking to you. Once you filter out the duplicates and the non-blogs that's probably about 68.

i don't know much about Technorati, but I do wonder why your time zone is off by three.

Steve Newton said...

I have had the same experience with TR, and Waldo, whose blog I watch daily suddenly dropped one day from something like 32 to 12; similarly I have seen a comparable drop on Delaware Watch.

The times are off because I never remember to reset the blogger clock from PST

Waldo said...

Waldo peaked at 38 at Election '08 and then fell off into the 20s, which we expected. But the last month or two the Technorati rating yoyos- multiple times daily- between 17 and 23. Go figure.