Monday, August 17, 2009

In which--even without benefit of a crystal ball--Dana Garrett nailed it

To be clear: though we can go at it hammer and tongs, Dana and I are friends.

And when he writes something so prescient as this paragraph on President Obama's waffling on the public option question, he deserves props:

It sounds as though the President is trying to have it both ways for the time being. He wants to keep the favor of the liberals and progressives while signaling to Congress and Americans afraid of the public option that he is willing to drop the public option in favor of a relatively more bi-partisan approach: viz., the co-ops. He doesn't want to take a stand.

Less than two days later it becomes apparent that the White House Press Secretary uses Delaware Watch as part of his regular background briefing material:


White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, speaking to reporters returning to Washington from Phoenix, said Obama has not shifted his position, suggesting that the president's support for a public option had never been absolute. "The goals are choice and competition. His preference is a public option. If there are other ideas, he's happy to look at them," Gibbs said. White House officials repeatedly denied that there was any new positioning on the provision, accusing the media of fabricating developments.

So tell us, Dana, when are you packing your bags for DC?

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Delaware Watch said...

Thanks, Steve.

I'm beginning to think that this administration is taking up the habit of having it both ways. Did you see this example w/ DOMA?