Friday, August 21, 2009

Updated: He's back

UPDATE: jason steps back, everyone at DL is his/her own boss, and nobody is planning to explain what happened yesterday. But we still need more transparency in government and political organizations [oops, that was me, not him, on that last one].

donviti returns to Delawareliberal.

Despite public and private promises for full disclosure about the strange events of yesterday, however, the DL gang continues to pretend that there's nothing to see here.

But where is jason?

And if the blog actually has a direction, we're all hoping that they'll clue us in.


Macho Camacho said...

Oh, it has a direction alright....swirling round and round and taking the poo with it!

Delaware Dem said...

I am sure you can respect the fact that we are not a government organization, that no one is funding our efforts, and that our private communications should remain private. Thus your transparency charge is a ridiculous.

I am sorry that you are more interested in a soap opera, but we are not. We are moving on, and you should as well.

Anonymous said...

Not a soap opera, more like Jerry Springer.

Macho Camacho said...

Don't worry, I will be moving the next phase.

Anonymous said...

Delaware Dem, shouldn't you be threatening someone or calling them a cunt or something?