Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What happens to people who get their news exclusively from the MSM

They read paragraphs like this from Reuters and think they have something to do with what's going on:

In the face of intense Republican opposition, the White House signaled over the weekend it was not wedded to a public insurance option as long as the final healthcare measure increases choices for consumers and competition for insurers.

Kent Conrad? Max Baucus? Mike Ross?

Ironically, as my friends at Delawareliberal have repeatedly pointed out: the only reason that exactly the health insurance reform that President Obama desires cannot pass is ... conservative Democrats.

Remember? 60 Democratic votes? Filibuster-proof Senate?

Yep, Barack Obama must go to bed and sleep soundly knowing that Al Franken's election gave him a Congress that would do exactly what it was told to do.

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