Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Libertarian candidate worth considering: Scotty Boman for Senate in Michigan

I keep trying to make the point here that there are credible Libertarian candidates out there doing the heavy lifting of trying to turn this into a real political party.

Another one is Scotty Boman, running for US Senate against Carl Levin in Michigan.

Boman is a long-time Libertarian activist, seeking to build on Ron Paul's momentum, and his positions are strongly in favor of human liberty: get out of Iraq, non-interventionist foreign policy, end the war on drugs, end domestic surveillance, and get the government out of the marriage business.

I'm particularly impressed with his assessment of why Michigan ought to oust Levin:

Carl Levin voted for the Real ID act and continues to support funding for it. In case you haven’t heard, next year every state is required to make their state’s drivers license into a DeFacto national ID card that will store personal information about you and will contain RF technology that will make it possible for the government to track your every move. It will require a national data base that will serve as a one-stop shop for identity thieves. Possession of the Real ID will be required for most travel and to carry out most financial activity.

Carl Levin supports the Foreign Intelligence Survalance Act (FISA), and the “Anti-terrorism Wiretaps Amendment of 1995.” Which make it easier for law enforcement authorities to use multipoint wiretaps. This removed restrictions that previously required judicial authorizations for every wiretap on a suspect, and creating a single multipoint wiretap authorization.

Carl Levin voted in favor of the “USA Patriot Act of 2001” that granted law enforcement more authority to search homes, tap phone lines, and track internet use of those SUSPECTED of terrorism for FOUR YEARS.

Carl Levin votes to continue support for the Iraq war while claiming to oppose it.

Carl Levin voted for a federal definition of marriage (as heterosexual only).

Carl Levin voted to create a Homeland Security Department and to keep detention and interrogation camps at Guantanamo.

Carl Levin continues to support funding for the DEA.

Wow. And this is a man who passes himself off as a liberal Democrat.

Here's why this is a critical race to which Bob Barr and Libertarians nationwide should pay attention:

These are the LP presidential vote totals in Michigan in 2000 (16,711) and 2004 (10,552).

On the other hand, these are LP vote totals for Governor 2006 (23,524) and Senator 2006 (27,012).

So the average Libertarian presidential vote in Michigan was 13,632 in two elections, but the average state-wide vote was 25,268.

In other words, there are at least 11,636 voters out there who will vote for a strong LP candidate, but they haven't been willing to do so for a Libertarian Presidential candidate.

Scotty Boman was part of the Libertarian gubernatorial ticket (as Lt Gov) that achieved 23,524 votes.

In Libertarian terms, Scotty Boman has coat tails that can and should be used by the Barr campaign potentially to double the LP's showing in Michigan.

And it would be easy: a Bob Barr press release that jumps on the same points Boman has already raised about Carl Levin would be an excellent start.

But that would require Bob Barr to begin operating like a true presidential candidate who is also leading a major political party rather running the campaign of a spoiler.

What I don't know is whether the Georgian has it in him.

But, in the meantime, visit Scotty Bowman's website and take a look.


Waldo said...

Levin should go because he has the Senate's worst combover, and that's against some pretty stiff competition.

pgt said...

The play on a legendary name should get initial attention, especially in Michigan and, quickly looking at his website, I can see he knows it. But will voters pay attention to what he has to say after noticing that, no, there is no "w" in his name. Now if only he could secure an endorsement from Scotty Bowman or maybe Dominic Hasek . . .

Brian said...

"pretty stiff competition"

Hi Waldo care to elborate with a runner up list?

Shirley Vandever said...

Brian, I think our own Joe Biden is in the running, but then again I think he's stopped trying.