Saturday, June 28, 2008

I know it's not the Daily Kos or anything....

.... but I just figured out that way back on May 21, 2008, quoted me in an article concerning the Libertarian presidential nomination and the controversy over Dr Mary Ruwart's positions on age-of-consent.

The ever-so-slightly-out-of-context quotation probably won't win me any friends among the radicals in my own party:

Ruwart's is a classic libertarian take — a defense of free will (even for "child performers") and an attack on government prohibitions of any kind. It's also political poison. As libertarian blogger Steve Newton put it, Ruwart and her allies run the risk of turning the party into "the poster child for NAMBLA and the aluminum hat brigade."

The complete post, Dr. Mary Ruwart explains why she should not be the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, was more measured than the ten words that Time chose to excerpt, but it was a good line, and I stand by the original post.

The only problem I have is this: if they quote you on a big-time site (and without a link, damn it), and you don't know it happened, isn't that pretty much a tree falling in the forest that nobody heard?

Especially since nobody in Delaware seems to have ever seen the story.

Ah, well....

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Kn@ppster said...


Wow, you didn't notice the Time quote at the time? I did.

You're right -- it won't win you any radical love.

Given the fact that Bob Barr's position on child pornography is far worse than Ruwart's (she simply holds that laws against it do more harm than good -- he actively supports dissemination of it at taxpayer expense), it doesn't really pass muster on any truth scale, either.