Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update: Freedom Slate '08 collects money for the opponents of EIGHT Libertarian candidates

It was wrong when Bob Barr, as a sitting member of the Libertarian National Committee, headed a PAC that donated thousands of dollars to Republican candidates who had active Libertarian opponents.

And if you unknowingly donate to Freedom Slate '08, you will be doing the same thing.

Eight of the Republican candidates who will receive money from donations to Freedom Slate '08 have ballot-qualified Libertarian opponents.

Here are the Libertarians you will be sending money to the GOP to oppose:

Lorenzo Gaztanaga, 2nd Congressional District, Maryland
Thibeaux Lincecum, 4th Congressional District, Maryland
Darlene Nicholas, 5th Congressional District, Maryland
Ronald Owens-Bey, 7th Congressional District, Maryland
Jim Duensing, 1st Congressional District, Nevada
Sean Patrick Moore, 2nd Congressional District, Nevada
Joseph P. Silvestri, 3rd Congressional District, Nevada
Edward Choate, 3rd Congressional District, Tennessee

[These names compiled from the list of ballot-qualified candidates reported in DC Political Report.]

About many of these candidates I know nothing, other than that they are fellow Libertarians who have taken the time and trouble to file for election.

There is also the following:

The Libertarian Party of Maryland supports and endorses the four candidates mentioned above.

Jim Deusning, whom Freedom Slate '08 would have you oppose, is the State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

One of these individuals--Thibeaux Lincecum, 4th Congressional District, Maryland--has an amazing website. On it, in the usual issues section, Lincecum not only shows his positions on the issues, but lists those of his opponents. It is worth checking out the segments on the Drug War, Same-sex Marriage, Gambling, Immigration, and the Deficit to see which candidate--Lincecum or Republican Peter James (who is supported by Freedom Slate '08)--appears more Libertarian to you. I think the answer is pretty obvious, but, hey, what do I know? According to anonymous in the last post I am a moron for investigating the issue, and according to disinter (who plans to send Libertarian opponents $1,000 in the best Bob Barr fashion), I am a neo-Libertarian apologist. I think that means I get to replace Keanu Reeves in The Matrix IV, but I am not quite sure.

I am sure of this: No matter what you feel about Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root at the top of our ticket, there is no justification for crapping on eight down-ticket Libertarians in Maryland, Nevada, and Tennessee the same way Barr crapped on Allen Buckley in Georgia.

If you want to donate money to support Allen Buckley, Michael Benoit, Dan Druck, and David Casey--the Libertarian Party candidates who stand to benefit from Freedom Slate '08--I suggest you do it individually through their own sites.

That way, these Libertarian candidates will actually receive all the money you donate, and you will be able to support them without sending money to the GOP opponents of other Libertarians.


Eric Dondero said...

It is wrong to donate money to Jim Duensing. He's a 9/11 Holocaust Denier, who believes that Al Qaeda wasn't really behind the September 11 attacks but rather Bush, Cheyny and Haliburton did it, with help from those "dirty Jews."

It's downright shameful that this man serves in any capacity within the Libertarian Party.

cxx_guy said...

If Dondero says it, it must be false.