Friday, June 27, 2008

Props to Dana Garrett for calling out Senator Obama on FISA

Love him or hate him, over at Delaware Watch Dana Garrett shows integrity by calling out Senator Barack Obama in no uncertain terms regarding his wilt on the FISA bill.

That fact that Obama has disappointed Dana on this issue will not change his support for the presumptive Democratic nominee, but I wouldn't expect a single issue to do so.

I've tried to set a similar standard here: say the good and the bad about the candidates when it's merited, so I appreciate him doing the same.

Here's my whimsical challenge for you, Dana. You've done several posts critical of John McCain's personal life (the infamous c**t episode, etc.). I agree that there's plenty there to criticize. But how about reading about McCain's adoptive daughter Bridget, and letting us know what you think about that aspect of his life? I certainly wouldn't expect it to change your position on his politics, but I also don't think it hurts to take a break from the partisanship of the hour to acknowledge that even our opponents also have honorable sides to them.

But even if you don't take me up on that, Dana--thanks again for the honesty.


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