Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hear Georgia Libertarian Senate candidate Allen Buckley on the radio

From AM 1430 (Covington Radio) you can download a June 13 interview with Allen Buckley.

To go straight to the MP3 file go here. The Buckley interview begins at 15:24.

Purist Libertarians will bitch (unsurprisingly) that Buckley says early in the interview that it's unrealistic for individuals to build their own interstate highways, but Allen discusses free-market solutions to rising gas prices, as well as the idiocy of continuing to support Saxby Chambliss--and he sounds pretty damn good.

Possibly Allen Buckley is not the single most charismatic candidate you'll find, but he's thoughtful, persistent, and a welcome change for Georgians used to sock puppet Chambliss or the multiple scrambling Democrat dwarves.

What most impressed me was Buckley's calm dismissal of his previous vote counts (45,000 and 75,000) as not being as good as Libertarians need to do in this and in future elections.

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