Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ron Paul, Michelle Obama, the Tata Nano, and circumcision

My recent post on Ron Paul v Bob Barr has attracted (as of this writing) 16 comments, which is probably a record of some sort for Delaware Libertarian. This is one of those blogs, according to Google Analytics, that a lot of people read each day, but less than 1% of them every leave comments.

This is quite different from a blog like Delawareliberal, where the thread UPDATED III: 43% of Delaware Super Delegates Pledged To Clinton is now up to 287 comments. This is unusual even for DeLib, but posts with 100 or more comments are not.

So I began, just for the hell of it, to examine my previous postings to determine just exactly what draws people to this blog, and what causes people to comment.

I learned that posts including in the title any of the following--"Ron Paul," "Michelle Obama," the "Tata Nano," or "circumcision"--will draw an unusually high readership and more comments than usual.

I think this is because people search those terms fairly frequently, and visit places that they often would not otherwise visit.

So I thought: what if I put together a post combining all those elements? Could I capture, if only for a few seconds, an audience like the Huffington Post, or Real Clear Politics? (Notice that I don't feel obligated to give you links to those guys; they get plenty of business on their own.)

Thus: "Ron Paul, Michelle Obama, the Tata Nano, and circumcision."

Unfortunately, I couldn't actually think of a post that would tie them all together, but you have to admit it's a great title.

Wait. wait. I've got it.

The one political issue that Ron Paul and Michelle Obama agree upon is that males of the emerging Indian middle class should not be involuntarily circumcised as a pre-condition for purchasing the new sub-compact Nano produced by Tata Motors.

I'll sit back now and wait for the comments to roll in.


Waldo said...

My memory is going...when I saw "Tata Nano" I thought, "ah-- Mork and Mindy."

Try a look at FITSNews.com, which gets its 200,000 readers a month with lots of tag of starlets, and gratuitous shots of bralaess bazoombas in between right-wining its way through SC politics. They don't get many comments either.

Nancy Willing said...

The DE Lib blog post cited is visited
by a nutcase.
Attracted by the 'Hillary's Delegates' tag, the glee from voting for Hillary in the VP poll and the fact that Mascitti keeps coming back to fight keeps it going.

san@rhul said...

President Barack Obama, who heads the world's richest economy, today checked out the world's cheapest car - the Nano. No sooner the powerful US couple were introduced to Ratan Tata, who heads the USD 72 billion conglomerate, President Obama told the first lady Michelle that this is the person who created the $ 2,500 wonder car, says an Asian Age report.

Citing eyewitnesses as saying, the report says that Michelle immediately expressed the desire to see the car that revolutionised the auto industry and put India prominently on the global map. After the discussion last evening, Tata immediately organised a gleaming Nano along with a chauffeur, right at the porch of luxurious Taj Mahal Palace hotel in front of Gateway of India, where Obama and entourage were camping since yesterday, says the report.

The couple stepped out in the morning to have a good look at the car, with Michelle even sitting in the small Nano and admiring the engineering marvel. When the daily contacted, a Tata spokesperson confirmed, "Yes, we showcased the Nano at the Taj Mahal hotel."