Saturday, June 28, 2008

Delaware's Disgraceful Democratic Governor Does Dirtiest Deed

Like clockwork, the public interest black hole known as Ruth Ann Minner, in service to her manipulative backroom cronies, has vetoed landmark legislation protecting property rights.

I suspected all along that she would pull this move. The fact that she did it on the last possible day, a Saturday no less, says it all about how anti-citizen, monied interests and their political whores will use any manipulation possible to thwart overwhelming public sentiment.

SB 245 passed unanimously in the House and with only one nay vote in the Senate (Democrat leader and union bootlick Tony Deluca).

I sincerely hope the legislators over-ride her veto on Monday.

January can't come fast enough for Delaware. We will be rid of our own version of the Bush administration, with its insidious autocratic power operators and its moronic puppet of a front woman.

I pray people wake up and realize what the Democrats are doing to this state. God help us this state elects Minner understudy / 3rd-rate political careerist John Carney as Governor. Four more years of these people will be the final blow reducing our state to a moribund provincial backwater, run into the ground by the worst and dullest of sorts.

Monday at 4:30pm at the Christian Mall Park-and-Ride free buses will be taking anyone who wants to go to Leg Hall to fight for this legislation. They will return by 8pm.

UPDATE - Another Bus Location Added: 3: 45 pm The bus will depart the crossroads shopping center, Route 9, New Castle Ave. (park near the laundromat).

If you think you can go, please contact Ed Osborne to RSVP by 7pm Sunday 6/29 @ 302-636-0450 or 302-723-1488.


Shirley Vandever said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Infante.

Alas, having to work for a living has its drawbacks. I would love to make this trip to Dover.

In lieu of that, I will write to my Rep and Senator urging a vote to override...

Shirley Vandever said...

Update: I talked to Cindy Osborne last night. They have about 20 people. The Christiana Mall stop is out....The bus from the Crossroads S/C is still in.

tom said...

I was in the Senate Gallery last night for the crushing disappointment when it looked as if Senator Venables would succeed in bringing this bill back from the dead, until 9 hypocrites drove a stake through its heart (The 9th no vote was Sen DeLuca, who at least was consistent in his disregard for our property rights and voted against SB 245 for both the original passage, and the veto override. But shame on Sen. Adams too for changing his original yes vote to an abstention.)

The people of Delaware should be asking Senators Adams, Amick, Blevins, Cloutier, Conner, Cook, Henry, Marshall, and especially McDowell some difficult questions and remembering their answers at the next election.

Senator McDowell deserves extra hypocrite points for co-sponsoring the bill and voting for it three weeks ago, then turning around and actively opposing it last night, in addition to changing his vote.

Senators, what made this a good bill on June 10th, yet something you couldn't support last night?

The text didn't change.

Ruth Ann Minner's stated objections were specious nonsense at best: easements for DNREC or other agencies could easily have been provided for by additional legislation if and when they became an an issue, or added as an amendment before the override vote if you truly believed that was a fatal flaw; and the alleged typos & misreferences would have been corrected by staff as minor technicalal errors usually are.

Perhaps you thought we wouldn't notice?