Sunday, June 15, 2008

If only you were a Democrat or a GOPer this would all be easier. . . .

I have never seriously considered voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, but you have to love the song-and-dance any legitimate third-party candidate has to perform to get on the ballot in some states.

This from Third Party Watch:

The Kansas Reform Party is ballot-qualified. At its recent state convention, the sentiment was strong for nominating Chuck Baldwin for president. Some kinks remain to be worked out, however. The Kansas Secretary of State seems to feel that a state ballot-qualified party cannot nominate the presidential candidate of another nationally-organized political party (even though that nationally-organized party is not on the ballot in Kansas). Clarification is being sought. Chuck Baldwin, of course, is the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate; he was nominated at the national convention in April 2008.

You see, the problem is one of numerology. Two (as in two parties) is both an even number and a prime number. In fact it is the only even number that is prime. This, of course, makes it far superior to three (which is only prime and not even) or four (which is only even and not prime).

See, if you take the 12 letters in Chuck Baldwin's name and divided by 6 (the number of days in the week if you leave out Sunday, which is only in the week due to a Christian conspiracy), the result is 2, which is the proper number of candidates, and the reason why neither Dorothy nor Toto would want to have him on the ballot in Kansas. . . .


Anonymous said...

"I have never seriously considered voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party..."

You haven't? What's the matter with you? Are you a socialist? communist? atheist? dimmercrack? ripofflicon? Sheesh at the anti-Americanism of some people!

Ronald Goldwater, a Constitutionalist

Steve Newton said...

No, just happen to be a Libertarian who believes in freedom of religion (which can also mean freedom from religion); the right of all adult Americans to marry whomever they want; and the right of women to reproductive control of their bodies.

Sort of rules Chuck out for me.