Thursday, June 5, 2008

I like David Anderson, and this is why....

...because for all that find to disagree with him about (and there is a lot of room in there), over at Delaware Politics a committed conservative Republican has taken the time, and demonstrated the integrity I expect from all American citizens.

He has risen above party to comment truthfully on an important moment in national history.

I don't expect Dave to stop campaigning against Senator Barack Obama, and I won't, either.

But I couldn't have said this better:

What I like about Senator Obama is that he is sure of himself. He believes in the ability of America to be resilient. In his search for his own personal identity, he found a vision which is transforming the American identity. I like the fact that he understands the importance of words, vision, and ideas. I like the fact that he didn’t buy into what a person of color can’t do. I admire the fact that Senator Obama has by the force of his person has transformed the American culture into a post racial society. I like that Senator Obama seems issue oriented not personality oriented. He seems more about accomplishing something great than attaining greatness.

It is for these reasons that I want to take a break in the campaign and congratulate Senator Barrack Obama on an historic achievement. He is the first person of color to be the presumptive nominee of a major American political party. He has broken the color barrier. That is something to celebrate. It seems now that the only color in his way is that he is green (experience), but then again a lot of people don’t think experience has gotten us too far in the last 50 years. What ever happens, I just wanted to celebrate a great moment for all Americans. Thank you, Senator Obama for getting into the arena.

Thanks, Dave, for a show of class.


Brian said...

David is like that, and his integrity really shows. Altough he and I often disagree and I am younger so I do not have the seasoned tact of many of our Delaware bloggers, I am always impressed with Dave's consistently high morality and sense of patriotism. Let's hope it becomes more infectious, it certainly sets a good example for us.

Shirley Vandever said...

Hear, hear !

David said...

Thank you. I likewise find inspiration on your fine blog. I don't always agree with you in degree, but we agree about our purpose which is to convince Americans of the moral and practical superiority of liberty.