Friday, June 27, 2008

Benoit, Druck, Casey: Three Libertarians for Congress

In my recent posts about Freedom Slate '08 I explained why I would not be donating to the multiple-candidate fund-raiser.

However, there are four Libertarians who stand to benefit from that operation, and it is important you know about them.

I've already endorsed and written extensively about LP Georgia Senatorial candidate Allen Buckley, so today is reserved for Michael Benoit, David Casey, and Dan Druck.

Michael Benoit is a dedicated Constitutionalist (not to be confused with Constitution Party member) running for Representative in California's 52nd District. His issue statements are brief, but to the point (although they are usually more explicit about what he opposes rather than what he supports).

Here's a brief, 2-minute taste of Michael:

He comes across indeed as a solid, Ron Paul-type Libertarian, with all the good and bad points that image suggests. He'll need the RP support running against GOP powerhouse Duncan Hunter.

Here's why I want to like David Casey, LP Candidate for Congress in Texas's 24th District: he actually answers questions about what he thinks. When I first visited his website there was no section delineating his position on same-sex marriage; today, because people asked him about it, there is:

Over the weekend, my inbox was filled with many, many letters from constituents belonging to The Center for Moral Clarity, a Christian grassroots group, looking for answers to questions dealing with the recent same-sex marriage ruling in California. They asked the following questions:

1. Do you support the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, or would you support granting marriage rights to same-sex couples?

2. Will you be honest and open about this position in this fall's campaign?

The following is/was my reply:

1. I support each state to have their own hand in deciding the path that they wish to take. Our nation is a union of 50 states, each with their own constitution. The federal government is not in place to decide the morals for each and every one of us.

Therefore, as a representative of my congressional district, I would not find it within my powers carefully defined in the U.S. Constitution to demonize or object to the actions of a state government. I do not believe this is a federal matter at all. If the voters of California choose to accept same-sex marriage as a fact in their state, that is their right.

2. I will be as open as I possibly can, and will post my answers to emails on my website as well.

You know what? I don't agree with his position, but I damn sure appreciate a man who will actually answer a straight-up question. And when you read the answer, it's clear that Casey knew it was not what The Center for Moral Clarity wanted to hear.

That alone makes David Casey worth checking out. (I'd put a picture here, but I couldn't pull the one off his website.)

Dan Druck is running for Congress in Illinois' 14th District. Dan's website is less developed than the other two, so there's not that much depth in the issues. As a Libertarian he appears pretty much a social conservative--again in the Ron Paul mode--but his explicit call for abandoning American imperialism is important to me.

For an interview of Dan, check out Nolan Chart.

There are solid Libertarian candidates like these out there across the nation. Later this weekend I'll try to tell you about some of the Libertarians that Freedom Slate '08 wants to spend your money to defeat.


Waldo said...

It's nice that the candidate thinks the federal government shouldn't be involved in the marriage act, but it'd have been nicer if he said it followed that DOMA be repealed. Without that, state action will remain a gesture.

The Duncan Hunter running is not the one who ran for president, but his son, Duncan D. Hunter. Dynasticism rules!

Regan said...

Michael Benoit looks like an outstanding Ron Paul Libertarian candidate, thanks for the exposure of these candidates!

Hasn't Duncan Sr done enough damage? Now that district is going to vote for the son and they probably don't even know it!!

Go Mike Go!!