Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Georgia Senatorial Candidate Allen Buckley takes aim at Saxby Chambliss

Libertarian Allen Buckley has issued three new press releases, taking the fight directly to goofball (and Bob Barr funding beneficiary) Saxby Chambliss.

This is excellent strategy, as multiple, weak Democrats are still fighting among themselves over the nomination, and--in a mark of rare journalist fairness--the Atlanta Journal-Constitution always accords Buckley equality with Chambliss in stories about the Democratic fracas (particular kudos to staff writer Jim Tharpe):

The five Democrats face each other in the July 15 primary for the right to run against Chambliss and Libertarian Allen Buckley in November.

So Buckley is the only person out there right now free to focus on the abominable Chambliss record--and he's doing it.

Two of his press releases focus on a Libertarian strategy for supporting a conversion from fossil fuels to hydrogen fuels and on the Chambliss failure to even comprehend the problem (he comes out and calls Saxby's position crazy).

The third release deals with Buckley's support for grassroots property-tax reform, and the rather obvious absence of his GOP competition from that field.

Active campaigning is one of the reasons I intend to support Allen with at least a little of my hard-earned cash.

How about you?

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Tyler Nixon said...

It is so great to see how libertarian thinkers on energy policy recognize the freedom future held by hydrogen power. I have been pushing it for years.

It holds the most simple, accessible, renewable, and clean access to a universal fuel supply that any citizen can tailor to their needs by making a techology investment and acting responsibly with their energy use.

Imagine the freedom possible when individuals can use sunlight (solar) and water to produce fuel that can be used both for electricity and mobility (stored hydrogen). Talk about real liberty...hell, imagine the global liberation of every individual when these technologies refine and proliferate to mass scale!