Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breaking: the Protack/IPOD story garners national (blog) attention

Hey, I can't let Delawareliberal with all its new connections think it is the only piece of Delaware politics hitting the national scene.

Both Ballot Access News and Third Party Watch are now covering the squabble over Mike Protack's nomination by the Independent Party of Delaware. Floyd McDowell is specifically cited, and being a nice guy I threw Liz Allen's name into the mix (you can thank me later, Liz).

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liberalgeek said...

Good catch, Steve. I fear that this is just the thing that will make Protack say, "See the rest of the country is starting to notice my candidacy."

I fully expect 14 Protack comments to follow yours on 3rd party watch. I'm guessing they will all come from Kinko's and Mikes house.

Oh and thanks for noticing our improvements.