Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Even Dana has his Libertarian moments . . .

. . . as hard as that may be for some of you to believe.

Check out When You Need Revenue, Just Turn Up the Screws.

I'm not posting this to accomplish some sort of cheap shot against Dana Garrett, who's a social democrat and favors universal health care via single-payer and other publicly funded solutions with which I vehemently disagree.

I'm posting it because it raises the point that we often forget in America: that we are a complex people, with beliefs that do not rigidly hew any particular ideological line in the face of things like, say, clear conflict of interest or casual abridging of the due process of law.

Unfortunately, we spend far too much time in name-calling and sound-bites to remember that the commonalities that unite us are more significant than the political opinions that divide us.


Brian said...

I see Dana is doing his George Bush imitation again. I thought I told him there is only one " el diablo"

Delaware Watch said...

If do I do say so myself, I thought that pic turned out well, although it's cold comfort to admit one makes a natural devil.

Steve, when I I wrote that post I thought to myself the DE Libertarians will like this one. Glad you did. :)

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