Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whaaah. Take Your Marbles and Go Home.

Well it looks like some people in California think that if their precious sacred sacrosanct holy transcendent building block of earthly existence (doled out by your local county clerk, mind you) has to be extended equally, at law, to others not of their narrow mind they would rather see no one have it.

I say, Amen!

From the Bay area comes word that two California counties with so-called "conservative" (i.e. not really conservative but rather "dominantly religious socialist") populations, will not perform any marriages for anyone, in order to disallow any non-heterosexual citizens from becoming legally joined. Nice to know all these "conservatives" respect the rule of law. (Another giveaway that they are not really conservatives at all, but narrow social collectivist bullies).

Of course, they are not honest about their prejudice, rather saying there aren't enough marriage licenses to go around, or at least resources to handle the additional workload (amazing how socialists always have a government resource answer for whatever their agenda be, left or right).

Officials in Kern and Butte counties cited budget and staffing constraints as the rationale for halting the ceremonies. But clerks in other counties say that claim is specious. Some activists went further, arguing that the decision to stop the ceremonies amounts to poorly disguised discrimination against gay and lesbian couples.

Gee, for counties with "conservative populations" they sure must have boatloads of non-heterosexual would-be marrieds waiting in the wings. Imagine the sustained onslaught.

My view : get marriage out of government and get government out of marriage. Nothing could more defile a "sacred" institution than getting it mixed up with government bureaucracy and the legal system. Anyone who truly views marriage as sacred, especially a so-called "conservative", would want government nowhere near it.

Truth is they aren't "conservatives", at least in any rational, intellectual, or philosophical sense. Reactionaries? Yes. Religious socialists? Definitely. Let's call a spade a spade. Anyone who wants government to enforce their own narrow personal beliefs regarding personal lives of others, to socialize everyone to their viewpoint at the expense of equal protection and due process, is a socialist.

I don't mean a garden political variety socialist - those who want government to have economic control of everyone and everything from cradle to grave, offensive as they are. No, these are more insidious socialists, of the "national socialist" variety, who would have government blatantly discriminate against and dehumanize people not fitting their primitive clannish and (thankfully) increasingly-minority world views.

Our country last tolerated such majoritarian abuses of power and denials of civil rights in the old was called segregation and it was a thoroughly-corrupt vestige of the outright subjugation that preceded it. It found its last odious ditch in the "separate but equal" ruse to legitimize institutionalized bigotry.

My advice : If you want a holy bond, find a church that will have you. If you want a religious union, find a religious temple.

My warning : stop trying to bastardize the "temple" of secular enlightened self-government to enforce your ancient and savage prejudices. There will be equal justice for all, whether or not your personal views can abide it.

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