Monday, August 10, 2009

Again: what apparently passes for civil rights in South Carolina

I have blogged before about Daniel J. Cassidy, the publisher of Sunlit Uplands [according to Blognet News, currently the number one political blog in South Carolina], who is homophobic, thinks there should be laws prohibiting anonymous blogging,is a birther, and believes that the government is preparing to round up all conservative dissidents into FEMA re-education camps.

Today he hits a new low, introducing a video clip of President Barack Obama at a Virginia fund-raiser (you know, the one where he tells a heavily partisan crowd that his political opposition should just stop talking so much) with this title and lead-in sentence:

Barry Soetoro Reveals His Inner Thug

Here's the great "unifier" in action. A real statesman -- perhaps by Kenyan tribal standards.

Most of Mr. Cassidy's posts are retreads from World Net Daily or equally credible sources.

This one he wrote himself.

Let's be clear: this is protected political speech, but Mr. Cassidy has another title aside from ridiculous blogger: he's an appointed South Carolina advisor to the US Civil Rights Commission.

When you reach the point where you cannot hold a position in the government and manage not to make racist comments about the President, it's probably time to go.

Resign, Mr. Cassidy.

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