Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Alexa rankings: a comprehensive look at Delaware websites and blogs

The Alexa ratings that you can access for virtually any website are, of course, not the final word in traffic reports, but they are considered pretty authoritative internet-wide. The lower your ranking, the more hits you are getting, compared to all other websites in the world.

Recently, Delmarva Dealings posted a look at the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia blogosphere, and lavished some praise on Delawareliberal:

Delaware Liberal has grown to become Delaware’s largest home grown blog. While I seldom agree with these folk, I also seldom miss reading what they have to say.

Congratulations to everyone at Delawareliberal for that kudo. The folks there have worked long and hard to develop both their edge and their audience.

But this got me thinking about taking a more thorough look at websites and blogs in Delaware....

To get a full view of what's going on in Delaware, it's probably better to take a broad look than a narrow one, so I have not limited this listing. Of sites of interest to the blogosphere only one high-traffic blog (Colossus) could not return figures, because Alexa defaults to the parent site ratings for all the 100+ blogs served there, and I could not find a way to break Hube out separately.

So here are the full rankings on Delaware blogs and other key Delaware websites. Some thoughts after you peruse the numbers.

Delaware Online: 18,739
Delmarva Dealings: 633,291
WGMD: 774,019
Delawareliberal: 858,271
WDEL: 981,500
Common Sense Political Thought: 1,154,500
Coastal Sussex: 1,856,905
Delaware Libertarian: 2,141,866
Delaware Business Blog: 2,253,847
Caesar Rodney Institute: 3,964,493
Delaware Watch: 4,225,479
Delaware Grapevine: 4,805,163
Just Another Gun Blog (mike w.): 5,153,051
Delaware Curmudgeon: 5,596,495
Tommywonk: 6,212,101
Delaware Way: 6,253,405
Resolute Determination: 6,412,473
Delaware Politics: 6,451,153
That's Elbert with an E: 7,947,686
Delmar Dustpan: 8,460,262
kavips: 10,356,898
The Mourning Constitution: 11,853,074
Lower Slower Delaware: 18,112,753
Redwaterlilly's Ramblings: 19,764,582
Kilroy's Delaware: 22,110,077
Fix Red Clay: 24,205,877

Thoughts: DE Online is obviously still the gorilla in the room, and among blogs Delmarva Dealings and Delawareliberal are the only two to break the 1,000,000 mark. It is interesting that Delmarva Dealings beats both WDEL and WGMD, and that Delawareliberal beats WDEL.

Among conservative blogs, I was frankly surprised that Common Sense Political Thought finished so highly--but in some ways it is not exactly a Delaware blog. People are obviously paying attention to both the Caesar Rodney Institute and Resolute Determination, given that they are posting fairly strong numbers for coming out of nowhere.

Two longtime whipping boys of the liberal blogosphere--Davis Burris and mike w.--come out pretty strongly. Only three Delaware blogs outscored Coastal Sussex, and Just Another Gun Blog outscores Delaware Curmudgeon, Tommywonk, Resolute Determination, and Delaware Politics.

Dana Garrett has the highest-rated one-man-show, and the second highest-rated liberal/progressive blog in Delaware.

Celia Cohen--for all the abuse--has the sixth-ranked political blog in the state.

Tyler and me? We're pretty happy with the standings. Coming out fourth among the political blogs is pretty damn good for a two-man show that's barely eighteen months old, and which is notable for usually using too many words rather than too few [what did Jim Steinman say, Too much is never enough?]. Moreover, if you list only the purely Delaware homegrown blogs, as Delmarva Dealings categorizes them, we come in second. It's not a close second, but we'll keep sticking to the old Avis motto.


Anonymous said...

It's really not fair to compare DelawareOnline, WGMD and WDEL to the blogs. They have paid staffers whose job it is to collect and dissect the news. AFAIK, everyone else on the list - with the exception of Burris' site - is doing this as a labor of love, on their own personal time. That says more than mere rankings.

Back before the Internet, you're the folks who were writing well-reasoned letters to the editor and calling SoundOff (providing an occasional intelligent comment as a counterpoint to the morons).

Or, in a few cases, the boozer at the bar bellowing for another round and bellyaching about the events of the day ... but those are few and far between.

Steve Newton said...

This has nothing to do with "fair." For perspective it is important to remember how small our audiences are, compared to that of the WNJ.

As for the radio stations, I think it is damn impressive to see that Delmarva Dealings and Delawareliberal actually did so well against them.

Nancy Willing said...

Interesting. I am pretty happy where I stand since I don't try to solicit much.

RSmitty Doesn't Like Mondays (not a Boomtown Rats song) said...

Well, I think we all know what happened to Delaware Politics AFTER June ended! ;-)

I kid, I kid. Maria should be happy she keeps them elevated.

Oooo! Two zings in one comment. Thank you!

David said...

LOL Smitty, it is a three month average and until last month I didn't bother to remove the google block. It is not where it was before the election, but it is climbing steadily. Hey, Maria does help. That part is no joke.

From Alexa 3 month change 140% 3,867,881
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