Monday, August 10, 2009

Even though I think he vastly exaggerates the size of his mangos...

... when donviti is right, he is right.

This week he is two for two.

And he can't get more than a small percentage of his own readers to see his point.

I know we're not in each other's fan clubs, dv, but if you ever happen by to read the post below this one (yes, I'm a windbag), you'll find out we actually agree on a lot.


RSmitty Hates Mondays (not a Boomtown Rats song) said...

Look, DV can be...well...DV. That SOB knows how to slap me around just right and I know how to laugh at his hobbled self just perfectly. All that said, I actually manage to respect the guy, as having had opportunities to have sit down convos with him in the past. Somehow, he manages not to kill me. It's reciprocal like that. ;-)

So, Steve, whatever the hell you are taking tonight...can you share?

Steve Newton said...

The only two Boomtown Rats songs I really liked were "Rat Trap" and "I never loved Eva Braun," both of which were on "Tonic for the Troops" IIRC. I had backstage passes and got to interview them for a radio station in 1978 or 1979 when they were opening for Kansas on the Leftoverture tour.

Ah, but that was another life.

I don't think I can share because I seem to have eaten all the blotter paper.