Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Paul Krugman "oops" moment that is genuinely funny...

Now, obviously, six or seven Canadians watching Paul Krugman is not a scientific survey. There are 33.2 million Canadians, so seven people would not make a legitimate sample, would it? [That would be a sample size of .000002%]

On the other hand, if you called up 527 self-identified Republicans nationwide, and only 221 of them said they were sure that Barack Obama was born in the United States, would that entitle you to say that 58% of all GOPers are potential birthers?

Well, let's see: there are roughly 55 million Republicans in the US, so that would be a sample size of .000095%, which is an order of magnitude larger but hardly conclusive.

Anyway, the Krugman video is funny in inconsequential, and only 34 seconds long.


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Anonymous said...

ACtually, it is TWO orders of magnitude larger. But it is not the size of the sample so much as the randomness in question.