Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The problem with this story is...

... that I could imagine it happening either at the Division of Motor Vehicles or while interacting with my health insurance company:

From Coyote:

Apparently after 20 months of effort, I am within spitting distance of getting one of two liquor licenses I am applying for in Ventura County, California (the other had to be completely restarted due to some paperwork mistakes).

I had to just laugh at the last remaining hurdle. A part of the licensing process is to post a public notice at the site. The ABC called me and said they are holding my application until they get my affidavit of posting — this is a one page form with my signature stating on what date the facility was posted.

But here is the funny part — the ABC representative who is calling me actually posted the site herself. She visited the facility as part of a mandated inspection and then posted the site. The only way I knew what date the site was posted was by asking her. So ABC is requiring that I submit a form to tell them what day they themselves posted the site, a date I had to get from them before I could put it on the form to send back to them.

The fact that both you and I can visualize similar responses from either a government or corporate bureaucrat is why I continue to ask myself why, in this country, we can't seriously examine the idea that it is not just the State or corporations capable of depriving us of our liberties, but the State and corporations.

And that's one aspect of the defense of human freedom that I think most libertarians are not willing to acknowledge.

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