Saturday, August 8, 2009

The true costs of blogging against the status quo...

... are not to be found in the whining of people whose identities are already pretty much known by everybody, but in places like South Carolina where my longtime friend Waldo has been taking on the conservatives, racists, and homophobes for two years, despite persistent efforts by jerks like Daniel Cassidy and Adam Fogle to out him in order to silence him.

A gay man blogging in South Carolina and calling them on the issues every single day.

They don't link to him, but they have now found another venue to try and shut him down: reporting him to Blogger as a spammer.

This means the autobots at Blogger cut you off from your own blog for at least 48 hours and possibly longer, while they investigate.

Similar methods were used by anti-free-speech assholes to terminate The Girl in Short Shorts by reporting her blog as obscene, which left it saddled with one of those objectionable content warning screens.

Becky gave up GiSS, although she blogs elsewhere.

Waldo will not give up. I've known Waldo for thirty years and there is not an ounce of give-up in his (at this point) high-mileage carcass.

So for the next few days, Waldo will be blogging from Waldo at Home, his spin-off for cultural affairs.

I know some of Waldo's friends (like Shirley) stop by here occasionally, but I would like to ask everybody to hit Waldo Lyddecker's Journal (to keep the traffic up during the hiatus) and to drop by Waldo at Home with some support.

This is what--as Waldo refers to them--big swingin' dick blogs do to try to intimidate people and shut down free speech, which is a far remove (we hope) from local threats of excommunication by the self-selected hub of the Delaware blogosphere.


Shirley Vandever said...

I stopped by both of Waldo's blogs and it looks like the ban has been lifted.

Scary, indeed, that something like this can happen. Some people appear to have too much time on their hands, yet not enough time to formulate a valid argument. Instead, they resort to sabotage.

Small minds, indeed.

Nancy Willing said...

Wow, I missed that Short Shorts Becky was down. That sucks.

This spammer is here again. They must be paying people in India to go to active blogs and hand spam.

Evan Queitsch said...

Still don't understand why people can't post publicly instead of hiding identities.