Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Tuskegee syphillis experiment, the Army LSD program, and now we know about....

... the forced sterlization of over 3,400 Native American women between 1973-1976 by the US government.

Watch the video (but don't bother with the sound, the sound track is atrocious):

No: I don't buy the death panels argument, except to the extent that we already have end-of-life judgments being influenced by bureaucrats in private insurance, Medicare, and the VA every day.

But we need a reminder that no matter who is making health care decisions--and, given the structure of our society there will be a bureaucrat, public or prvate, involved somewhere--there is a compelling need to avoid individual tragedies becoming systemic failures that lead to things like this.

[h/t Next Free Voice]


Anonymous said...

Yes, we know about Tuskegee and we know that for centuries the american government has tried to wipe out all native americans. Many are traveling hundreds of miles to see a Doctor, cuz well their natives. They are dying like flies on reservations with no clinics, no drugs, no doctors. The average survival age for a native is about 45 years old. The Blue Coats still ride.

This has nothing to do with health care reform. Tony Russo of the Pentagon Papers showed me documents in 1972 of how the government planned to wipe out the native american population. The documents were taken from the Pentagon along with the truth about the Vietnam War. These documents were dispersed in the Princeton Library by Tony, me and another unnamed woman, hoping the Princeton students would do something to make them public. Neither the NY Times or the Washington Post would print a word even after reviewing the documents. You will recall the NY Times didnt publish the Pentagon Papers for over 18 months, while our soldiers were dying in Vietnam. I have never had much respect for the NY Times because of that issue alone.

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