Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Updating the blog roll

I'm terrible about routine clean-ups (just ask my wife).

So I have repeatedly put off cleaning up the blog roll here for a couple months. Part of the procrastination was my conscious reluctance to part with Down with Absolutes and The Girl in Short Shorts, both of whom have closed down.

Part of it was my own need to come to terms with the function of my blog roll, which is both to send readers to other places and make my own life easier.

I read Eric Dondero's Libertarian Republican every day, though Eric and I disagree on many fundamental issues. It is disingenuous to pretend I don't follow his blog by not listing it.

Thaddeus Pope's Medical Futility used to be up here, until reading it just got too depressing. But during health care debates it needs to be back.

Researching the post on Delaware Alexa rankings has convinced me I needed to be carrying Delmarva Dealings, that mike w.'s Another Gun Blog deserved a reciprocal post, and even though I seriously disagree with MJ Lower Slower Delaware has a place here; likewise--from the other end of the spectrum--Sussex County Angel.

George Phillies' Liberty for America is replacing the Boston Tea Party. I once had some hopes for the BTP as a national organization; now it is pretty much a moribund debating society that does little or nothing. I am actually far more close to George's philosophy, so I am hoping (this year, anyway), that LFA can gain some traction.

Delaware Online and Google News are now on, primarily for my own ease of daily navigation. Use them or not as it pleases you.

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Thaddeus Mason Pope said...

I'll try to "accentuate the positive." Thanks.