Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yammering, Stammering Self-Contradictory Rambling

This man clearly is confused, obviously way off-script without a teleprompter rolling it out for him.

He argues his "public option" by analogy to private shipping versus the post office....then goes on to say :

"It's the post office that's always had the problems."

No shit, Sherlock. Thanks for making the most succinct case against your own scheme.

"Now, you'll always hear folks say that the free market can do it better; government can't run anything. And what I say is, well, if that's the case, nobody is going to choose the public option. So the private insurers, who I think are very confident that they're providing a good service and a good product to their customers, should feel confident that they can compete with just one other option." Obama 6/24/2009

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Anonymous said...

The question of the day is why Obama did you forsake your doctor of 20 years, a supporter of single payer. Why did you admit that ONLY single payer would cover EVERYONE, and in the next breath start talking about some unknown, untested health care program, which will never bring down costs. What the Senate is proposing is very slick. Trying to tie their position to the same health care system offered to federal employees, a "menu" of FOR profit health care companies? Thats your answer to the biggest ever growing job destroyer, health care solution.

There are at least 4 different reasons why people are showing up at town halls. Single payer supporters are NOT permitted inside, many have been arrested and if they show up with a single payer sign, they are not permitted in.

Another group are those who are fed a daily diet of emails from Freedom Works, Patriots First and other groups supported and funded by the insurance groups with mis information, lies and deception.

A third group are those who actually do want to get some information and are drowned out.

The fourth group are those who work for the insurance companies and are bussed into from out of state, out of district just to disrupt and cause chaos.

Rick Santorum throwing his hat in the ring, means the republican party will pose Newt, Santorum and the others as "real moderates" as opposed to the wing nuts.

We need a new party, new choices that come directly from educated, informed citizens who want to truly change this country from the left and the right. Nader was right. He said, "Obama will prove to be a big disappointment unable to deliver on hope and change".