Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chinese People on the Olympic Torch Fiasco

I want to offer you an alternative perspective on the Olympic Torch fiasco from a young Chinese man who is learning English. You may not like it. You may even violently disagree with his assessment, but he has a point. The issue of China and with Tibetans ARE the internal affairs of China. Much like civil rights for black people in America was not solved by the French, it was solved by African Americans in America, the issue of Tibetans rights inside of China is being solved by Tibetans within China.

Americans who support the cause of Tibet, should focus on the cause of helping Tibetans live and integrate into Chinese society without losing the fundamental principles of their national heritage. Lot's of ethnic minorities make up the Chinese nation from the Tai speakers in the south to Mongolians in the north. Many have managed to adjust and adapt to a successful life inside of China. Tibetans can do the same, but not if they are treated in discriminatory ways or willingly alienate themselves from the larger culture around them.

More than anything it proves that we should have a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states. What would we do if the USSR had brought up the living conditions of American Negroes at every UN meeting or diplomatic event? How would have Americans felt about it?

It may be hard to follow his translation, but the sentiment is quite clear that hosting the Olympics for China is a source of great national pride:

China implemented reform and opening up has 30, that is of course the biggest shock of its tangible changes.

But the change is also invisible as great.

For example, changes in values, "all the money" and "money to see thick," said. At the national level, this course can be described as the supremacy of national interests. But giving people the impression that it is put on both sides of the moral, Lee put the word middle. This is the image of the traditional Meanwhile really like world of difference. Secondly, as China's comprehensive national strength has increased, the Chinese nationalist sentiment has unwittingly high. Deng Xiaoping era that we should learn from Singapore, Singapore also very polite and friendly with the dumping capsule granted.

30 years have passed, the mayor of South classes are open to class to class, many in the senior or retired senior civil servants, were also invited to China to teach and share various administrative areas of expertise, but some Chinese people Expanding minds began, and this for the shaping of a harmonious world is clearly runs counter to the efforts of the. Is a saying in order to facilitate cross, no benefit to the TAC. Some of the recent things, should be able to inspire the Chinese people to think deeply. Beijing Olympic Games in August with the Olympic flame outside the transfer, the original is happy thing, the result is a large Chinese people expected.

Lhasa, Tibet in the first 3 14 riots, and then a torch in Paris, London and San Francisco transmission, was obstructed and interfered triggered Chinese netizens rising nationalist sentiment. In the diplomatic level, the Chinese people will have to be thinking to how and why reportedly complained Tak this issue. Britain and France's change of attitude3.14 before French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Brown visited Beijing, pledged expressed support for the Beijing Olympic Games, but also brought back the business of large orders, is taste. But Tibet issue appeared, Britain and France immediately change the attitude of the two countries.

From 30 college students armed police escort members of the torch, in the streets of London and an attempt to interfere with transmission of a tug, the British media, was the highest on the "villain" title, Australia and Japan not even consider these members of the security Immigration. France's Sarkozy is simulating, said that Beijing will not rule out boycott of the Olympic Games opening ceremony. According to reports, Brown will not attend the opening ceremony. San Francisco in the United States, in order to avoid disturbance and destruction, and the torch relay route has changed, so that the public a great disappointment to many.

Such a priority to the benefit of diplomatic relations, the Chinese people are certainly abhor.

But others can be made and the people have what it does not want, not giving, and this sure of China's diplomatic great benefit. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong pointed out that the Beijing Olympic torch relay to obstruct action has deeply hurt the Chinese people's feelings. From the reactions on the Internet, we do it is not difficult to see that China has been angered people. Originally set the tone for the "harmonious trip" outside the torch of transmission, has been selected in the capitals of these countries, it is evident that the respect and show a good performance, the result is a humiliating return.

This is not evil?

Straight complained to the German newspaper German Chinese people think that the metaphor of Europe and the United States can to help, but also formulated a peaceful rise of political and diplomatic strategy, but, Tibet independence and other separatist forces and the anti-China forces is not to acknowledge it. Western countries also remain in the values and human rights topics Guguxiangbi.

Like Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have changed their predecessor's style, and tendency of the human rights and values of the United States diplomacy, and alienated from Beijing. But they coveted but the broad market in China, with Beijing a diplomatic Xuyuweichi the surface. To a peaceful rise, but also to create a harmonious world of China, and finally met a setback. How will the Chinese people complained? Perhaps the wisdom of Confucius should also come in handy had. In order to take care of national interests, China is not to blame people complained.

However, as a great, formidable nation, in the face of humiliation, shy of the saliva dry? Therefore, we must still adhere to the principle of direct complained. Only in this way can the Chinese people to achieve the goal of further Tak Tak reported, those who truly appreciate their sincere and friendly countries, and to continue to build a harmonious world of the ambitious goal.


Steven H. Newton said...

During the 1960s Khruschev and Castro and a number of socialist leaders repeatedly DID bring up the treatment of American blacks and Indians, especially during Castro's carefully orchestrated UN appearance in (I think) 1964. He made a point of meeting with Malcolm X and widely publicizing the meeting.

The policy of non-interference in the affairs of other nations is always tricky. Does it extend to genocide? If so, how does one determine genocide has occurred, will occur, or is occurring?

As much as the Prime Directive made sense in the Star Trek universe, both Kirk and Picard found ways around it.

Nor does China follow a non-interference policy with respect to the US.

Just food for thought.

Brian said...

Steve thank you.

I think we should both bitch about each other's hypocricies through our media outlets and use that as a springboard toward honest dialog on areas of agreement and disagreement, but many times in Chinese culture it is better to do so behind closed doors.

I wasn't even thinking of Castro, but that is an excellent point. I will keep that in mind for the future. Castro continues to point out problems in US foreign policy....and lambast the president despite his age. I think that will continue until he dies, and then Chavez or someone else will take over the bitching for him. Both of them however are pragmatic leftists. Kruschev is a different story, he may have brought up balcks at the UN but there was not much study of the issue in the USSR unless you were an anthropolgist. In China however there was widespead education about racial discrimination in America, I have a book here from 1970 that says "repeat after me...Johnny is a black boy. He plays at home with his mother and brothers. His father works at a factory. Johnny sleeps on a wooden bed with his brothers and sisters. Johnny's family are poor. That is becuase they are black. They would like to play with white children but they cannot, becuase black people are poor and cannot play with white children." That is from a Chinese children's reader.

I think every time we bring up Tibet, China should bring up American Indian health. It balances things out. They are both serious issues that both countries need to address delicately.

Bowly said...

The issue that came to my mind was South African apartheid, which DID have significant foreign activism.

My three years in China by no means make me an expert, but one thing I've witnessed is something I can only describe as a simultaneous superiority complex and inferiority complex.

That's part of the reason they get annoyed at outside commentary. They don't have a free speech tradition, obviously; even many western countries don't truly respect free speech, so it's an even more difficult concept for a Chinese to grasp.

Also, beware of a Chinese using the word "harmonious"; it typically means "I wish you would do what I want you to do." (Much like when a US politician calls for an end to "partisanship"; he really just want the other side to stop arguing with him.) The conformity of opinion over here (which this gentleman shares) is astounding.