Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pretty soon I'm going to be completely out of Presidential candidates. . . .

. . . .because after I just ruled out John McCain based on his morally bankrupt doctrine of pre-emptive war, I have to eliminate Hillary (big surprise!), if for no other reason than her weaseling answer on Oregon's medical marijuana program:

What would you do as president about the federal government not recognizing Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program as legal?

We've got to have a clear understanding of the workings of pain relief and the control of pain. And there needs to be greater research and openness to the research that's already been done. I don't think it's a good use of federal law-enforcement resources to be going after people who are supplying marijuana for medicinal purposes.

So you'd stop the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's raids on medical marijuana grows?

What we would do is prioritize what the DEA should be doing, and that would not be a high priority. There's a lot of other more important work that needs to be done.

Should medical marijuana be covered by insurance?

I don't have enough information to know anything about that.

For a woman who has proposed 100% medical insurance coverage for all Americans, "I don't have enough information to know anything about that" is, simply put, total bullshit.


LiberalGeek said...

Oh, man. The poor woman is unable to answer that question. Can you really be mad at her for not saying yes? If she had said yes (which I think is the way to do it, eventually) she would be lambasted by every right-winger as being in favor of government-funded drug abuse.

"She wants to pay for our kids to get high"

"Hillary - the Pusher"

It would be endless. Al Gore said that while researching toxic dumps his committee learned about Love Canal. For months, the mantra was that Al Gore discovered Love Canal, right after he invented the Internet.

She was in a mine field and she walked around it. She isn't my favorite candidate, but you have to be a little fair to her on these politically charged issues.

Steve Newton said...

No, Geek, I don't have to be fair--any more than you do.

I would have respected her if she had said, "I haven't made my mind up on that yet" OR "I think there are still some pretty difficulty public policy issues to be ironed out before we go there" But for the woman who is now--for the second time--claiming to have all the answers for nationalizing health care to say, "I dunno enough about it to comment"--that's so far less than credible as to be ridiculous.

(I should also add because my comment editor is fritzing that I got this from Drug War Rant that got this from Oregon, a paper that has been advocating legalization and decrminalization for years. She accepted an interview with them; she knew the topic would come up.)

But you're right about one thing--it was disingenuous of me to claim that this comment decided me against Hillary--there was no way she was ever getting my vote from the outset. Point to you.