Thursday, April 17, 2008

Around the Horn Friday: Free Market Edition

The coolest thing about the blogosphere--Delaware and everywhere else--is that it truly does represent a free market in ideas.

Good stories survive, get noticed, get repeated, get attributed. . . .

Bad stories die.

While Delawareliberal remains, overall, staunchly pro-Obama, donviti has turned a more critical eye on the Illinois Senator (and even a less jaundiced one on the She-Clinton) with Let’s face it. He is still the lesser of the 2 other evils. dv has also put forth several really interesting questions about religion and public discourse, most recently I Agree with the Pope. The DL franchise is broadening, with posts from Cassandra m and Pandora, both welcome additions to the posting (as opposed to commenting) blogosphere.

Speaking of new entries, over at Down with Absolutes Dominique has stepped up while Mat's out running commo for Hartley-Nagle to keep some regular posting going on. She's already hosted two excellent (and well-attended) discussions on public education, here and here. (Although the first one may have shared enough youthful secrets about Mat to get his ass whipped at school.)

Meanwhile, at Delaware Curmudgeon, Shirley was more concerned with the arrival of spring than the upcoming primary: Girlgeek and Chainsaw are back on the road. However, Shirley still finds time for some food porn, commentary on a Ron Paul/Barney Frank alliance, and to protect my right to hang a pair of testicles from my rear-view mirror.

kavips takes a few seconds out from a series of lengthy posts on the windpower mess (here and here) in order to acknowledge the fact that here at DE Libertarian we occasionally publish short posts (Take that, Duffy!).

Speaking of Duffy, there are things he doesn't understand--a post that proves we must have gone to different schools together. He also has the first original thought on resolving the mortgage crisis/Bear Stearns bail-out that I've read anywhere.

Hube is consistently interested in questions of political correctness and intellectual freedom. This week at Colossus he's covered the idea that Elitism=Racism, the new UD residence life program, and Jimmy Carter's willingness to prostitute his own legacy by essentially beatifying Yassir Arafat in order to make inroad with Hamas(?). Unfortunately, Safari must be among the browsers that have trouble with Hube's site, so just go hit Colossus and browse around.

Delaware Politics has the Center-Right take on the last Clinton-Obama debate, the return of Frank Knotts, and a lengthy post by Dave to prove that he's still behind windpower. Meanwhile, David Anderson takes the opportunity of April 15 to ask for an apology for the US Tax Code.

Nancy Willing covers Senator Dave Sokola's proposal to dump the DSTP for a year to save public education bucks. But I have to admit that my favorite Delaware Way post this concerned the return of the Tush Artist (complete with illustrations).

As usual (and without peer despite kavips' close second) Tommywonk is still all over windpower, but his best post this week was an extended obituary for physicist John Archibald Wheeler, which should be must reading.

What I like best about The Digital Federalist is that Alan doesn't have to be long-winded to make a great point (unlike me, or Brian). His Can We Embrace Evil to Do Good? will make you think long after the fifteen seconds required to read it. Who knew there were libertarian aspects to Iranian society under the mullahs?

For the best coverage of the current funding crisis in Delaware Public Education, be sure to catch Jokers to the Right, Kilroy's Delaware, and Delaware Watch. At the latter, Dana also wants to know what idiot at the White House allowed the President and the Pope to be photographed at an angle in front of the Mississippi State Flag that makes them both look like neo-Confederates.

If you want to know what's been going on at Delaware Libertarian, then just scroll down after you finish reading this.

If I've missed anyone (Merit Bound Alley is on something of a hiatus), my apologies.

Three plugs for non-Delaware blogs you should be reading:

1) Waldo Lyddecker's Journal: food porn, slam-bang election coverage, and thoughtful posts on gay rights.

2) Third Party Watch: because Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, Mike Gravel, and Wayne Allyn Root are going to have a lot more to say about the results of this presidential election than the Demopublicans would like to think.

3) The Curvature: the best personal blog on the net for feminist issues; Cara--like Waldo--is one of the best writers out there.

Now the only question remaining is: who's up next week?


LiberalGeek said...

Steve, I was starting to think that my baby had died an ignominious death, but you have delivered a pitch=perfect ATHF (not to be confused with Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Thatnk you, you have restored my faith in the blogosphere.

Personally, I'd like to see what someone at Delawarepolitics does with Around the Horn. Giovanni?

Nancy Willing said...

Here, here for a Giovanni run!

Pandora said...

Great post. You really put a lot of work into this. Thanks!

Cast my vote for Giovanni!