Saturday, April 26, 2008

For Delaware Liberal- Forget the Army, Join the Navy

Now that the Army will not allow soliders in the PX to purchase Playboy Magazine, Donviti over at Delaware liberal had no words to describe the situation.

Well, I have a suggestion.... Join the Navy:


cassandra m said...

So Brian, now all of us at Delaware Liberal look alike to you?

The link is awesome, but donviti was not the author of this post...;)

Steve Newton said...

Cassandra--Brian is out for several days, due to personal reasons, so it falls to me to respond:

dv should wish he looked good enough to be mistaken for you :)


Brian said...

Cassandra, I am taking a moment to look at the blog.... what did I say I was all drugged up becuase I have upcoming surgery?.... But I concur with Steve, Donviti only wishes he could look as good as you....

cassandra m said...

Eek! Don't say that where DV can hear you!

It's no problem, really, and I do hope you get much better very soon, Brian!

donviti said...

who buys porn from the PX anyways? Seriously Playboy is the worst to pen in vag. The only person it is hurting is Playboy.

Hustler, that's where it's at. sure you may start out with Penthouse, but hustler's where it is at.

at least that's what I recall.