Tuesday, April 15, 2008

McCain, a firm grasp on the reality of war....

I have listened to the argument that the primary reason people want to vote for John McCain is his firm grasp of what is going on in the Iraq war and his military experience.

Well, let's see. CNN clearly has a different interpretation of the facts.

Now Senator McCain for posting this please do not send your toady Lindsey Graham to steal anymore of my money or go ape-shit crazy on me. Because you have never clearly explained how you will lower taxes and provide full employment, while your advisers plans all include raising taxes and increasing spending, I cannot see how what you say, equals what you can do. But who has that ever stopped before?

What I am unable to reconcile is proposed spending increases in three key areas 1.) health care, 2.) education, 3.) military spending; with the reality that these certainly will benefit a few corporations and raise taxes by up to $2 TRILLION dollars for health care, and at least $917 Billion in projected military expenditures of all of this education get the shortest shrift while increasing the size of the federal bureaucracy at DOE. All these spending increases require 1.) raising taxes, 2.) increased military involvement and production and 3.) less resources for state education departments.

I ask any Republican or Democrat out there explain to me how this is a "Republican" position?

How is this series of policies going to make our country and its businesses more competitive?

Or is it conditioned on an assumed state of protratced aggressive warfare, which will cause all these problems to stop temporarily as other great military Keynesians have tried in the past?

And if that is the case what is this going to do to our country as this article from Le Monde Diplomatique clearly illustrates the gravity of the problems?

Clearly if you can defend these policies you know something I do not know.

To me they seem indefensible.

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